Customer and Sales


Create a professional invoice with a minimum
of fuss. Print or email to your customer
instantly. Invoices include company logo and
details, sales order number, any payments applied to the invoice, the current balance,
and more.

(Review tutorial video for invoicing.)

Customer Payment

Record payments more easily than ever
thanks to our improvements. Use (or any other payment gateway
supported by Odoo) to run credit card
payments right from the accounting app!

(Review tutorial videos for customer payments and batch deposit.)

Customer Statement

Generate professional customer statements, print or email statements
to all customers
with just one click. Configure
automatic follow-ups for an even simpler

(Review tutorial video for customer statement.)

Credit Note

Quickly and simply create and apply credit
notes to open invoices.

(Review tutorial video for customer credit note.)

Simple Sale Receipt

Collect payments with a simplified one-step
process for sales receipts when an invoice
isn’t necessary (COD).


Write off transactions that are unlikely to be
paid with our intuitive new Write Off feature.
Review write-offs with our complete report.

(Review tutorial video for Write-off a bad debt.)


Bank Reconciliation

This is our BIG effort to make bank
reconciliation super easy and simple.
Transactions are synchronized (every 4
hours) or file uploaded to Odoo. User now is
able to set bank rules, review matched
transactions before reconciling, set statement ending date and statement ending balance, undo previous period reconciliation, and more.

(Review tutorial video for bank reconciliation.)

Check Register

An overview report to help monitoring, and
safeguarding check using.

Batch Deposit

Batch deposit is available for not only
checks but credit card transactions with
option to put adjustment (bank or credit
card fee).

(Review tutorial video for credit card processing and batch deposit.)

Vendor and Purchase


Just like invoicing, recording vendor
invoices can be done from the accounting app
with PO information. Thus 3-way matching is

(Review tutorial video for recording a vendor bill.)

Billing Payment

Printing checks is now simple and quick. User is
able to process payment for multiple vendors
and print multiple checks at the same time.

(Review tutorial video for vendor payment by check.)

Billable Expense

When you need reimbursement from your
customer, billable expense can help you to
assign an expense to customer in order to
add that expense into customer’s invoice.

(Review tutorial video for Billable Expense.)


Financial Reporting

Odoo supports a full package of US GAAP
financial statement (cash basis/accrual basis)
with the option to track and trace detail of
transactions under each category.

AR/AP/ Partner Reporting

Odoo supports Aged Account Receivable,
Aged Account Payable, and a combined
report for Partner (those who are both your
customer and vendor).

Tax Reporting

Sales tax report is generated per tax rate,
per period. This is to support sales tax
reporting to the local tax government.

Analytic Accounting

Tracking expense of individual staff or
department or project is no longer a big deal
thanks to analytic accounting and tag.

Executive Summary

An overview of key financial factors to
support Executive team in decision making.
The report is not only informative but
understandable to non-accounting/non-
finance personnel.

Consolidated Financial Statements

Odoo supports multi-entities in one
instance, so it does consolidate financial
statements in just a click.


Confident employees are happy employees. Happy employees are valuable employees!

Optimized Workflows

Minimize unnecessary detours and maximize
comfort with better workflows!

Messaging and Instruction

Always know where you are and what
actions you can take with improved
messaging, clearer instructions, and more
helpful prompts.

One Need, One Screen

Say goodbye to confusing, generic screens
and hello to clean, user-friendly views
purposely built to make your life easier.


When it comes to daily tasks, even small improvements in efficiency add up to big gains.

Bulk Actions

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks! Bulk
actions save your time and energy so you can
put it where it does the most good.

Go Mobile

Process mission-critical transactions
anytime, anywhere with Android and iOS

Less Time Searching

Get to the document you need quickly and
easily with dollar amount searches and
predefined filters.

Automate The Boring Stuff

New features like bank rules automate
boring, time-consuming processes so you
can focus on other tasks.

Addressing Mistakes

Undo or correct mistakes easily with
improved cancel and delete features.

Export Templates

Exporting data can be a technically
complex task. With predefined export
templates you can share data outside the
system without having to be an expert in


Harness the true power of Odoo

Existing Features

Your system should be as unique as your
business. Any feature that’s almost just right
can be adjusted to fit your business perfectly.

New Features

Don’t see a feature that’s important for your
business? Novobi’s team of experts is happy
to add any features you need!


Your Odoo system is a dedicated database.
On premise or on the cloud, running on
Linux, Windows, or Mac, it’s there for you
when you need it.

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