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Below are a few examples our customers are happy about...

Friendly and US-Style Bank Reconciliation

To run reconciliation report, book adjustment to discrepancy account, and undo latest reconciliation
Transactions are matched based on bank rules which are defined by user, and system matching algorithm
User can review/adjust matched transactions before reconciling
System automatically selects matched transactions for reconciliation. User have option to unselect/change/adjust the matched transactions

Easy to Print Check

Option to print check is available right after user validates payment
Option to cancel and delete payment if the payment incurred by mistake
Payment form has been customized for vendor payment
Open vendor bills are available for applying payment. That's the way we save your valuable time

Authorize.net Available in Accounting App

User now can process credit card payment in Accounting app
Payment form has been customized for customer payment only
Open customer invoices are available for applying the payment. That's the way we save your value time
Option to save credit card info for next use which is PCI compliant

Complete Report

AR in charge is assigned and reported for job assignment or performance review
Pre-defined filter by amount range, aging days, period, etc.
Review the list in different formats: Pivot table, charts, list
Aging day is very helpful info supporting debt collecting

Simple Steps to Process Billable Expense

Pull complete Purchase Oder info to Bill
To assign part or all expenses in this bill to customer to get reimbursement.
Choose customer to assign the expense
Option to adjust expense amount to be invoiced to customer

Write off a Bad Debt

Write off button is available for open invoice
WO amount is adjustable
Option to choose expense account and system will keep the account by default for next use

Professional Services to Ensure a Seamless Accounting Migration

Odoo Customization

We deliver custom features, dashboards,
reports, and integrations, as well as advanced
analytics solutions to fit your needs.

Accounting Consultation

We have a full-time, board-certified CPA in Austin headquarters
and several specialist partners in Accounting, Payroll, and
Bookkeeping in various locations in the US and Canada. They
offer a blend of Accounting and Odoo skills to help you have a
correct and optimized Accounting system.